What if eyeshadow wasn't hard anymore... AND... your eyes looked younger?

Do you ever wish someone could just do your eyeshadow for you?

  • They would choose the best colors!
  • They would blend it perfectly!
  • And you would look YOUNGER!

Hey! You've tried... you've watched those Instagram & YouTube videos... but makeup on a 20 year old doesn't look the same on you?

You've tried some of those tutorials...

But it never looks the same!

  • Not soft.
  • Not natural.
  • And NOT flattering!

And how much time does it take to get beautiful results?

  • It shouldn't take this much time...
  • Knowledge...
  • Or money to figure this out!

How much money have you wasted on eyeshadow when... 

  • You don't know where to put the colors... 
  • It creases, doesn't last and falls on your cheeks...
  • You can't get the colors to blend smoothly!

(Psssst... These were just some of the reasons I never changed my eyeshadow for 20 years!)

This is me...

Can you tell when I came out of a Makeup Rut?

It wasn't until I discovered better ways to do my own makeup that I started looking better... looking YOUNGER! 

And now I want to teach YOU my secrets to better looking makeup that makes you look younger, too!

I didn't put much effort into my makeup for the better part of 20 years. 

  • I spent my 30s raising my 3 babies... and fell into a decade of grief during my 40s. 
  • I was just trying to make it through most days... and makeup wasn't my top priority.  So I just kept doing what I'd been doing with my makeup since my 20s. 
  • And it shows!  My lack of effort.  I mean it REALLY shows.  You can see it in my photos!

And I'll be the first person to tell you that makeup is not necessary to look or feel beautiful...

But I will also tell you that when I started changing my makeup and using the techniques I want to show YOU, I started feeling better about the way I looked on the outside...

And it changed the way I felt on the inside... I ABSOLUTELY felt that glowing energy and happiness on the inside, as well!

How would you feel if YOUR own Facebook memories reminded you every day how much younger you look TODAY... compared to 5-6 years ago!

Finally learn how to use those beautiful eyeshadows you probably already own!

Don't get frustrated anymore by watching those pro makeup videos on Instagram & YouTube!

Get your free time back and see how EASY it is to create beautiful eyeshadow that makes you look YOUNGER!

Eyeshadow 101... the makeup program for mature eyes!

Eyeshadow 101 is a simple makeup tutorial program that gives you the confidence to effortlessly choose colors that will look best with your eyes, create the base foundation for shadow that lasts all day and shows you how to easily apply products so that your eyes look younger… even if you’ve never learned how to use eyeshadow before!

Make eyeshadow EASY!

Watch tutorials at your own pace and in your free time! I will show you how EASY eyeshadow can be!

Find the BEST colors!

Learn how to confidently choose colors that look best on you and see how easy it is to create your own palettes!

Create looks that LAST!

Get my tips for eyeshadow that lasts for hours and doesn't need to be touched up throughout the day!

Eyeshadow 101

Take a quick peak inside the Members Area... inside "Eyeshadow 101"!



What You're Getting Inside My Eyeshadow 101 Course...

Eyeshadow 101 is a video training course that walks you through all of the basic steps to create simple and natural eyeshadow looks! All lessons are taught so you can try them at home with products you already have!

Course Introduction

Welcome to the Course

Breaking the Rules

The Basics Before We Begin

Intro to Color

Your Eyes & the Color Wheel

How to Put Eyeshadows Together

Transition Area & Transition Color

Products, Tips & Tools


Eye Primer

Eye Primer (Before & After)


Basic Eyeshadow - Part 1

No Makeup Makeup Look

Neutral Eyeshadow

Base Eye Look for Any Creation

Basic Eyeshadow - Part 2

Easy Natural Eyeshadow #1

Easy Natural Eyeshadow #2 

Easy Natural Eyeshadow #3

Course Wrap Up

What's Next?


Getting Started With Eyeshadow 101 is Easy!

24/7 INSTANT and Lifetime Access! Step-by-step training! Nothing is left out! Watch in your free time! 


What if...

Eyeshadow was not hard anymore.

  • what if you knew exactly what colors to use
  • what if you knew how to make eyeshadow last all day
  • what if eyeshadow that creases was no longer a problem
  • what if you felt confident to try new colors
  • what if you knew exactly where to place the color on your eyelids
  • what if your eyeshadow looked better than it did 10 years ago
  • what if good eyeshadow application made you look younger

Look What My Students Have to Say!

Read below... see what women like you LOVED about Eyeshadow 101!

"Each and every one of these sessions was professionally done, not intimidating, and as comfortable as sitting with your best friend in your robe, having a cup of coffee, and discussing makeup and beauty stuff!!!! This has been such an amazing series! Honestly- this series was so comprehensive… Soooooo impressed! Love this, loved that everything was explained so well. I would pay more for this- it’s relevant and easy!!!!!!! Best money I have ever spent on makeup advice, including one on one instruction I paid for..... haven’t seen anything that even comes close to the amount of content and the usability of this information. I’ve been telling my friends about it!!!!! "

Sheryle Birdsong
Student from Eyeshadow 101 & Eyeshadow 201

"I really loved everything in this course! If I had to choose one though, it would be the one about how to wear shadow with glasses 🤩. You did an amazing job! I wouldn't change a thing! I learned lots of great info. "

Angi Rankin
Student from Eyeshadow 101 & Eyeshadow 201

"This course is pretty comprehensive. Shadow application.....how to apply it so it doesn't drop all over your face ( especially the more glittery ones). "

Michele Kriewall
Student from Eyeshadow 101 & Eyeshadow 201

Your Investment is FULLY Backed by My 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I don't want unhappy money or unhappy customers! If this is not the best online eyeshadow course you've ever taken, if you're not satisfied with the quality of the content, or for any other reason whatsoever, simply email me (Sheri@sheridyasmellott.com) requesting a full and immediate refund! No questions asked! ~ Sheri Dyas Mellott

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